Hope in the midst of death

Heard an appalling fact today. By the time they reach 40, 81% of women here will have had at least one abortion.

But one small church nearby has decided to try to help and in the last couple years 5 children owe their lives to this church. Imagine what might happen if all the churches here did the same…

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Moving flat

God is good!

After hearing about a friend who moved after searching 20 flats, and another who has spent weeks searching, we started looking today and found what looks like a great find: 2 largish bedrooms, a big living room (with a section that can be closed off to form a bedroom for visitors), wooden flooring (for any falls whilst Noah learns to walk) and a really nice communal garden area outside – all in the location we were looking for and the budget wee had set.

Tomorrow we finish packing (we started before going back to the UK) and Wednesday we hope to move. On Thursday our contract at this place runs out – though the landlord had agreed he could extend it by a couple weeks if needed. God obviously knew things would be fine but we wouldn’t trust him so he gave us the two week option to reduce stress level.

Hopefully the move will go smoothly and the flat will prove to be a blessing for many people.

(This morning instead of rushing ahead with looking for flats we deliberately took time out for a quiet time. I spent time in John 14-16 meditating on how we’re commanded to remain in Christ and allow him to sort out fruitfulness. It was nice to have the lesson re-enforced by experience!)

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Back from Blighty

Got back yesterday after a good but busy time in th UK. It’s great seeing gospel initiatives taking place all over the country!

Sorted out the internet today so we can catch up with what’s going on and send out news.

Next step is to find a flat and do some planning for this coming year.  Thanks to all those who made time to see us in the UK!


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An unlikely ally?

It would appear that even Satan finds the killing of unborn babies distasteful these days…



(makes me suspect that many who go to a Church of Satan are probably looking for a subversive group where they can have friends.  Hope they find a church which lives out the gospel).



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Visit to the UK – 12th July to 15th August

We’ll be visiting the UK very soon!  We’re still working out a schedule but here is what we have as it stands:

12th July – Arrive in London

14th July: Sunday –  visit one of the co-mission churches

Will be in London until Friday or Saturday.

21st July: Sunday – visit St Ebbes.  Baptism for Noah

23rd – Down to Devon to be with family.

28th July: Sunday – visit Christ Church Sheffield

3-4th August: In Northern Ireland

11th August: visit StAG, Cambridge

15th August: fly back to UK


There’s still quite a lot of planing still to go.  Do please pray for our time in the UK.

If anyone knows of someone who has a car we could borrow for a part or all of the time do let us know.  And if anyone knows of a car seat for a 7 month old that could be used let us know too!

Meanwile, in the few days before we fly we would ideally like to move flat!  YeYing will look at a few possible places tomorrow.  We began the process of packing today.  We’d love to have a place that’s close to the people we’re working with and with a large enough living room to host groups of people.


Finally keep thinking of the Identity course/ InFOCUS groups that meet on Wednesday night – with all the stuff that’s happening, it’s easy to forget the more important things of seeing God’s word go out.



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Psalm 117

Well, we managed to sing Psalm 117 with musical accompaniment.  Let’s see if I can cut and paste an excel sheet with Hebrew into here:

g b a b d b a g g g
יִם גּוֹ כָּל־ יְהוָה אֶת־ לוּ לְ הַ
מִים׃ אֻמ הָ כָּל־ הוּ חוּ בְּ שַׁבּ



g f# a g a b c c c
דּוֹ חַס נוּ לֵי עָ בַר גָ כִּי
לָם עוֹ לְ יְהוָה מֶת־ אֱ וֶ


g f# f# a
יָהּ׃ לוּ־ לְ הַ


WordPress did a bit better than I expected, but not great.  The observant Hebrew scholar will notice I’ve split the words into syllables – I’m still teaching reading skills.


Yahweh is read Adonai

If there’s a gap under a note, you need to sing the syllable marked to the LEFT of the gap (excel/wordpress failed here). 

The long syllables are: line 2 – 3 beats for col  – “all”

Line 3 – chas – first syllable of “loving-kindness” – 2 beat


If anyone comes up with a better tune then let me know!  And if you come up with a good catchy one for Psalm 119 that would be even better!








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Psalm 117/9

This morning we looked at Psalm 117 in Hebrew class (next week I hope we’ll learn how to sing it.  Just need to find some music for it first….).  I told them that it’s much simpler than learning Psalm 119 at which point they turned in their Bibles to Psalm 119 and the class was filled with “wows” and other such noises.  It’s fun to introduce people to the Bible for the first time!

Maybe I will get them to look at Psalm 119 though – they’re now in a position to see things in that psalm that most pastors in the world can’t see!

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