Some useful Hebrew resources

I was looking for some youtube clips of the Hebrew aleph bet today, here are the best two I found:

Also, as I’ve been going through Jonah I’ve found this (or rather Will Rubie found it for me) really helpful:

Going through the Hebrew text it’s made me more puzzled by one of the weirder parts of Jonah. The being-swalled-by-a-fish thing isn’t too strange, but what is really strange is the mention of many animals in Ninevah in the last verse of Jonah. It’s weirder in Hebrew because this forms the last (and linguistically unecessary) words of the book, i.e. the last phrase that sticks in your mind as you finish reading through the book. Why?

Which got me thinking about the other animals in Jonah: the bg fish, the worm and Jonah’s name (Dove). Anything significant with the animal theme?

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