Thoughts from a morning teaching Hebrew

… and some of these thoughts are quite random…

5.30am is an early time to leave the house. The guys who were already cooking for and the customers who were eating must have been up much earlier.

There is a real need for the original languages. The pastor and head in the school gave a thought this morning from the beatitudes. He pointed out that the English and the Chinese translation wasn’t the same, and therefore the Chinese translation was poor and then proceeded to exegete from his translation of the English translation. His thoughts were good and helpful and he may have been right about the Chinese translation, but whilst the church in China uses the English translation as the bedrock of what they’ll do, it will never be a truly indigenous church.

Children learn quickly.

Some children learn really quickly.

Musical chairs crosses cultures successfully and can be very good to teach commands like stand, sit and walk.

These children will never struggle with the 2nd person plural masculine imperative form.

Having a Chinese classroom assistant who is also studying Chinese helps a lot. (Imagine if I could speak Chinese properly – teaching Hebrew would be so easy!)

Being a classroom assistant to 5 different classes really helps you to learn Hebrew quickly.

Teaching teachers is fun.

Meaningful insights into the Hebrew text can be gained after just an hour’s worth of study (and a careful selection of passages/guided questions from a teacher).

At some point soon these children will need someone with better Hebrew than I have. Maybe time to work on the Greek again?

Teaching inquisitive children makes vocab lists interesting. We had:

As new words to learn.

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