Moving flat

God is good!

After hearing about a friend who moved after searching 20 flats, and another who has spent weeks searching, we started looking today and found what looks like a great find: 2 largish bedrooms, a big living room (with a section that can be closed off to form a bedroom for visitors), wooden flooring (for any falls whilst Noah learns to walk) and a really nice communal garden area outside – all in the location we were looking for and the budget wee had set.

Tomorrow we finish packing (we started before going back to the UK) and Wednesday we hope to move. On Thursday our contract at this place runs out – though the landlord had agreed he could extend it by a couple weeks if needed. God obviously knew things would be fine but we wouldn’t trust him so he gave us the two week option to reduce stress level.

Hopefully the move will go smoothly and the flat will prove to be a blessing for many people.

(This morning instead of rushing ahead with looking for flats we deliberately took time out for a quiet time. I spent time in John 14-16 meditating on how we’re commanded to remain in Christ and allow him to sort out fruitfulness. It was nice to have the lesson re-enforced by experience!)

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