Visit to the UK – 12th July to 15th August

We’ll be visiting the UK very soon!  We’re still working out a schedule but here is what we have as it stands:

12th July – Arrive in London

14th July: Sunday –  visit one of the co-mission churches

Will be in London until Friday or Saturday.

21st July: Sunday – visit St Ebbes.  Baptism for Noah

23rd – Down to Devon to be with family.

28th July: Sunday – visit Christ Church Sheffield

3-4th August: In Northern Ireland

11th August: visit StAG, Cambridge

15th August: fly back to UK


There’s still quite a lot of planing still to go.  Do please pray for our time in the UK.

If anyone knows of someone who has a car we could borrow for a part or all of the time do let us know.  And if anyone knows of a car seat for a 7 month old that could be used let us know too!

Meanwile, in the few days before we fly we would ideally like to move flat!  YeYing will look at a few possible places tomorrow.  We began the process of packing today.  We’d love to have a place that’s close to the people we’re working with and with a large enough living room to host groups of people.


Finally keep thinking of the Identity course/ InFOCUS groups that meet on Wednesday night – with all the stuff that’s happening, it’s easy to forget the more important things of seeing God’s word go out.



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