Psalm 117

Well, we managed to sing Psalm 117 with musical accompaniment.  Let’s see if I can cut and paste an excel sheet with Hebrew into here:

g b a b d b a g g g
יִם גּוֹ כָּל־ יְהוָה אֶת־ לוּ לְ הַ
מִים׃ אֻמ הָ כָּל־ הוּ חוּ בְּ שַׁבּ



g f# a g a b c c c
דּוֹ חַס נוּ לֵי עָ בַר גָ כִּי
לָם עוֹ לְ יְהוָה מֶת־ אֱ וֶ


g f# f# a
יָהּ׃ לוּ־ לְ הַ


WordPress did a bit better than I expected, but not great.  The observant Hebrew scholar will notice I’ve split the words into syllables – I’m still teaching reading skills.


Yahweh is read Adonai

If there’s a gap under a note, you need to sing the syllable marked to the LEFT of the gap (excel/wordpress failed here). 

The long syllables are: line 2 – 3 beats for col  – “all”

Line 3 – chas – first syllable of “loving-kindness” – 2 beat


If anyone comes up with a better tune then let me know!  And if you come up with a good catchy one for Psalm 119 that would be even better!








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