Identity course, health and team life

Have you checked out the Identity Course? It’s a great way of sharing the gospel with friends.  Invite them home, download the talks, press play, pause (answer some questions) and repeat.  If you can’t answer the questions your friends ask that’s no problem – just look up the answers and answer them the following week (and hey presto!  you’ve learnt something new too!).

What’s more a new Identity course is starting this Wednesday.  Please pray that we’ll get a good number coming interested to find out more about Jesus.


And whilst you’re praying for us, please think about my health.  The details aren’t fun (my new bedtime routine requires putting an empty bowl near the bed and having 2 or 3 spare shirts to change into during the night once my previous one gets too sweaty).  Thankfully I’m seeing a doctor on Tuesday who should help.  More than that there’s a resurrection coming up soon that will definitely solve all these problems.


Finally we’ve got various meetings on Wednesday and Thursday thinking about team life.  This isn’t the arena to talk about it in more detail, but I feel they’re fairly important meetings and I’d definitely value pray for them.


PS – (since I’ve already used finally).  We said goodbye to K from Kazakhstan on Sunday.  She had grown so much in her understanding of the gospel in the short time she was here.  I’m sure God’s blessing on her in her growth will become a blessing to others as she shares what she now knows.





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