Quick update

We had an exciting InFOCUS night tonight.  Two new local people came (one not yet a christian, the other a very young christian) who had a great time studying Psalm 1 in a study led by J (see previous post) – J was hugely encouraged by how it went.

F – from Ireland came along and he’s keen to grow.  He’d love to do a one-2-one type study of the Bible – I hope we can find someone with time to do that with him.

M from China wanted to join, but she was leaving her former small group with bad relationships there.  We had a bit of a difficult talk but I’ve said that she can’t join us until she’s reconciled with her previous group – and after that talk she joined them for the last 20 minutes of their study.

My health is something to pray about – I’m not sleeping too well recently and feeling generally run down.  Hopefully a restful day off tomorrow will be a big help!


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