We are your own flesh and blood

Working on a sermon for 2 Samuel 5.  In verses 1 and 2 the Israelites come to David to accept his kingship saying, “We are your own flesh and blood.”  StAG’s recent sermon on this chapter was helpful.  The chapter doesn’t say “You are our own flesh and blood” but “WE are…”.  The Israelites want to make a point about who they are, not about who David is.  That is to say it’s not (as I first read) saying “since you David are one of us, you’ll make a good king and we’ll pick you” rather it’s “we can see you are king – treat us with compassion since we’re one of you – allow us to become your subjects”

So it is with Christ – we’re not the ones picking Jesus to be our king because he’s the best of the bunch, we’re the ones asking for the right to be considered his subjects.  And will he do it? Yes if we ask because we too are his flesh and blood.  Christ willingly became man to share in our humanity and we can ask for his mercy because we are of his own flesh and blood.

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