Trinity, divine sovereignty and atheism

Heard the old chestnut about how can divine sovereignty and human free will co-exist? It’s not just an issue Christians need to deal with: the latest New Scientist (12 Nov 2011) has a book review of “Who’s in Charge? Free Will and the science of the brain” by Michael S. Gazzaniga who reaffirms the standard line of Materialistic Science that there is no free-will. The reviewer says, “Everything that has or will happen was determined at the big-bang – and given that our brains are part of the physical universe, free will does not exist.” So much for the answer from atheism.

Within Trinitarian theology there has always existed free will in the context of another’s sovereign purposes: as we see in the Incarnation, the Son freely and willingly does his Father’s sovereign plans.

We can probably extrapolate further: any unitarian system (including materialistic atheism with it’s unitarian god of cause and effect/science) will be fatalistic with the outcomes already pre-determined. Any polytheistic world view will be undetermined (with various gods fighting it out for victory), whereas only Trinitarian Christianity can allow for free will (rightly defined of course: e.g. we’re not free to reject God and not face the consequences) and a sovereign creator.

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