A spider dangling over a fire

Imagine for a moment a spider dangling over a fire; he is supported by a single thread which is held in space by a man who is preventing him from perishing in the flames below. As the heat of the fire reaches our spider, he draws together all his remaining strength to spit poison at the bride of the man who is preserving his life. What will this man do?Thus it is with every government who persecutes the church of God.  Every single person draws his every breath from God who gives life.  It is the LORD of life who causes the heart of his enemy to beat.  It is Christ, who has been given every authority under heaven and earth, who delegates some of that authority to governments, to rule under him and for his glory.  And yet these same people rage against the one who gives them life, they strike out and spit in the face of the precious life givers’ bride.  Why does the LORD allow this to continue? Because he wants his enemies to be saved, and so he gives them time to repent.

For the bride: trust in the LORD.  Don’t spend your effort trying to appease the spider – he has no strength of his own.  Our battle isn’t against flesh and blood.  Pray that the LORD himself will act to remove your enemies – through repentance or destruction: and leave it in the LORD’s hand.

For the spider: trust in the LORD.  You have no strength that is your own. The LORD laughs at your puny rebellion and holds you in derision.  Yet know that God is good to you.  Your continual life is evidence of God’s kindness – and kindness that should lead to repentance, not a greater measure of wrath.  Fear the LORD, kiss his Son, and know his goodness, lest you be swallowed up forever in flames.

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