Update from ShouWang

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on this Easter Sunday.

Last night over 500 members were under house arrest and were unable to attend the meeting.  Out of those who did go around 20-30 were arrested, including Carol (our friend who came to faith in Oxford).

Because of the pressure the police had put on Carol’s dad, Carol  signed the document and was released.  The whole experience has left her feeling both that she’s grown in her faith but has also given her an awareness of her own weaknesses in signing the document.  Do please pray that to the extent she feels bad about signing, to that extent – and more – she would know God’s grace to her.

Carol was with another girl who refused to sign and is still being detained.  We’ve been asked to pray for accomodation for this girl. (A number of people who were arrested didn’t face any direct sanctions from the police, but through their influence have made people loose homes or jobs.  It seems that the landlord for this girl has revoked their tenancy contract).  Carol will go back to the police station early tomorrow to give her breakfast.

Do please be praying for Carol, her dad (not a believer) and this girl who is still detained – as well as any others who are still detained.  And please pray for unity between those who signed the police document and those who refused to do so.  The devil would love above all things to sow disunity, pray that by God’s grace and because of God’s grace the church in China would remained united.

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