Statement from Chinese House Church Alliance regarding ShouWang

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Chinese House Church Alliance’s Urgent Call Regarding the Persecution of Beijing Shouwang Church

Peace from the Chinese House Church Alliance to all peace-loving Christians worldwide! And a special request for all Christians brothers and sisters to pray for Beijing Shouwang Church in China, which is currently being persecuted, and for the pastors and others who have been detained. May the Lord Jesus correct the Chinese leadership’s mistaken views about and understanding of Christians. Christians are a religious group; they are a group of idealists with an unshakable set of faith principles. Some Chinese leaders mistakenly believe that if churches grow, it will lead to religious forces becoming an influence on political power and become a source of instability in society. Therefore, based on this misunderstanding, the government has adopted a long-term policy of suppressing religion. The Lord Jesus used his precious blood to redeem the Christian church; all sinners who believe in Jesus Christ and in salvation through him are born-again and saved Christians and are called the sons of the holy and omnipotent God. The church and Christians obey the Lord’s commands and spread the Gospel to the whole world, which brings peace to society. In obedience to the Lord’s commands, we submit to the kings and rulers of this world, but do not seek after the nations of this world or any worldly interests. Rather, we long for God’s kingdom on all the earth and for the return of the Lord Jesus to be the King of kings and Lord of lords over all mankind.

Christianity as a religion and Christians as citizens and members of society are willing to submit to the supervision of earthly kings and rulers. But, if the kings and rulers want Christians to do what goes against Biblical principles, then the church and Christians in this instance will unhesitatingly choose to submit to God and not to kings and rulers. This is something that earthly kings and rulers often do not understand. The church was established by Jesus Christ through his blood and water and the Holy Spirit. Christians as sons of God, which is a spiritual identity, are not under the supervision of earthly kings and rulers but rather under the supervision of the holy Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord will watch over us Christians. We pray and ask God to change the hearts of the kings and rulers of China, and let Chairman Hu have a correct understanding of religious believers and Christians. A harmonious China and opening up to the outside world is the path that China has taken in the 21st century in becoming a world player. Religious freedom is in the Constitution, but the government for many years has been persecuting Christians. Yet Christians have never resisted the government and have only used the laws promulgated by China to protect citizens’ rights. Meanwhile, the ones charged with law enforcement are often the law-breakers, apprehending and beating Christians, which leads to escalating tensions between the central government and the common people.

May God change the Chinese government and let government officials have a heart of love for the people and also have a correct understanding of Christians. Detentions, arrests and other methods of suppression are not harmonious methods; they are acts of ignorance. Recently, in Hua county, Shanxi province, police beat up a Christian, Wang Zhanhu, in broad daylight on a major thoroughfare, putting him into a coma for five hours. He is now in a hospital and has been totally ignored by the government. A Christian in Baihe county was detained for 10 days for cult (activities). A woman Christian in Sichuan’s Qu county was apprehended and imprisoned for more than 20 days on the specious charge of holding an illegal meeting. In Shandong’s Zaozhuang city, Fengcheng District, Subu Church pastors Zhang Guangxia and Zhang Qing’an and other saints were picked up by local police and the local government simply for evangelizing. Henan house church pastor Zhang Tielin was beaten and injured by police for preaching evangelistic sermons and the front door of his home has been blocked. There are many, many examples of Christians and churches being persecuted; I won’t list them all one-by-one here.

The Chinese House Church Alliance calls on all churches and all Christians worldwide to pray for the Chinese house churches under persecution, that China’s saints may be strong and courageous, act with propriety and in accordance with the law and spread the Good News of the Lord. Also pray for the kings and rulers of China, pray for the Chinese government; may the Lord bless the Chinese people and transform Chinese society, so that it becomes a Christianized China!

Pastor Zhang Mingxuan, head of the Chinese House Church Alliance

April 16, 2011, Chinese House Church Alliance

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