Give thanks…

We’ve just been on the phone to YY: she’s been released and is full of joy!

When she was taken into custody she had just enough power on her phone to send one text message to tell her flat mate, Mary, where she was. Mary was therefore able to take some food to YY and inform other friends who were able to visit the police station. Although they weren’t able to see each other, the guards told YY that she had been visited by lots of friends (so many came that they began to think she was a leader of the church!) and knowing that her brothers and sisters were caring for her was a great comfort to YY.

YY had been warned last Tuesday not to sign any statements if she was detention (not because the LORD won’t forgive you, but because of your own conscience’s sake). When she was being pressured to sign it YY was able to share the gospel and made a good impression on the guards because of her gentleness and honesty. In the end she was able to not sign the statement and was released midday Monday.

During all of this time it seems that Christ’s church has shown great unity. Mary’s church (a house church) doesn’t think ShouWang’s actions are necessary, but they are nevertheless fervently praying for them. Since YY was released a sister from a Government church called her to express support and unity in the faith.

Do praise the LORD for all his answered prayers in this, and for YY’s joy in all that has happened!

And do keep praying! YY won’t be able to attend the church next week (Easter Sunday) since a police officer is bound to visit her at home and prevent her from going. Pray that Christians in Beijing will be able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus along with the church throughout the world.

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