Latest update from ShouWang

Thanks for praying about the situation in Beijing. Here’s the latest I’ve heard:

ShouWang tried to meet again this Sunday outdoors despite the pressure from the police not to meet. Carol didn’t go, mainly for her father’s sake (do be praying for the parents of those who have been caught up in these issues. For many Chinese Christians I know their greatest praer request is for their parents to come to Christ – pray that these events won’t be a hinderance to this).

Some reports are saying that 47 people were detained, including a friend of ours named YY. Pray that she would know the LORD’s comfort at this time.

I’ve found that ChinaAid has given some very helpful reporting. They’re also reporting other troubles with other churches in China. Don’t know much about ChinaAid, so not sure what perspective they’re writing from.

Please also pray for those who feel that they’ve compromised their faith either through not attending the meetings or through signing documents that they now feel they shouldn’t have: may they especially know God’s graciousness to them in Christ at this time and may they have wisdom to know what to do the next time, and the Spirit’s strenth to do it.

Will try to keep you posted if we hear something new…

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